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arcadehero November 19, 2010 5

First batch of videos from one manufacturer that I have been able to upload here are from the Sega booth, who had quite a substantial number of new games on hand to show off. Watch the videos below for the details: Here is what we have footage of that you can look for:

GRID– Sega’s newest driver that is based on the console game Race Driver GRID, modified for the arcade experience (don’t forget to read our exclusive behind-the-scenes look at this game!). This is already available but it includes a new webcam marquee here that had not been seen previously.
Let’s Go Island– Sega’s latest sit-down light-gun shooter powered by the Ringwide hardware. The non-motion version comes out next month, motion coming in January. Not sure why they were advertising a stand-up version of this for IAAPA as that was not there.
Sega Golden Gun – A new light-gun shooter that came out of no where. We hadn’t seen anything about this and it appeared at IAAPA, ready for sale. Developed by Sega Amusement’s Chinese division, you’ll notice many similarities with House of the Dead 4 as it uses the same engine (and Lindbergh hardware) but this one is targeting another light-gun game on the market called Panic Musuem by Taito.
Super Monkey Ball Ticket Blitz – Super Monkey Ball returns to arcades after a long hiatus but sans a banana-shaped joystick that has been replaced by a 7″ trackball and a focus on ticket redemption. Despite the redemption part, I found it to be fun.
Hopping Road (Taito) – Surprisingly, Hopping Road will be coming to the US through Sega. This is a Taito game that has been making the rounds in Europe for sometime now. There is a “kids” version of this game out there too, it seemed to me that it would work better than the larger version they had there as it’s attractive to kids. I played it and it was fun though, gives you a little workout.
Sega Rally 3 kit – Another unexpected item at the show was a new kit version of Sega Rally 3. It’s not available yet but when it comes out, an operator will be able to throw this into just about any driving cabinet. It even comes with an open frame 27″ HD LCD screen which is unusual to see in kits.

Other games which we have seen before: Giant Tetris (sporting a new cabinet), Harley Davidson: King of the Road (a new smaller version of this was there), HUMMER, and  Sega Racing Classic. Many of the redemption products were new concepts, see the Sega booth video for some of those and stay tuned for more IAAPA coverage from other products at the show, here momentarily.

Sega Booth overview:

Let’s Go Island


Sega Golden Gun

Thanks to Sega for letting me film their products!


  1. Arcades4ever November 19, 2010 at 12:15 pm - Reply

    Don’t tell me that sega rally 3 and hopping road are the surprise games at the show. I was so eager and to only find out there just of existing games is disappointing 🙁

    • arcadehero November 19, 2010 at 12:41 pm - Reply

      They were surprises since we didn’t know they would be making an appearance in this manner (no one knew about Taito and Sega getting together and there was no word of a SR3 kit at any point) but Golden Gun would technically be a surprise as well as Super Monkey Ball actually being a fun game. Most of the new stuff was redemption based.

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