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Konami's Action Detective Heads to location test

Shaggy November 25, 2007 0

[Via The Stinger Report] (Click on the image above to enlarge) Since I first heard about this a month or two ago I have been eager to find out more about Konami’s new 3D

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SquareEnix heats up Japanese card game scene with The Lord of Vermillion

Shaggy November 24, 2007 1

It looks like coin-operated trading card RPG titles are here to stay (at least in Japan – it still remains to be seen how well these games will catch on overseas although reports say

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Fate: Unlimited Gods Website update

Shaggy November 21, 2007 0

(Click to Enlarge) It certainly didn’t take long for the Fate: Unlimited Codes website to be updated(we reported about this new 3D fighter by Capcom a couple of days ago). Just the other day

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Exclusive – First Tekken 6 test location shots in US

Shaggy November 16, 2007 0

[Via The Stinger Report] Namco has begun testing Tekken 6 in the US and we have an exclusive look at the test cabinets which are at the IAAPA 2007 event, thanks to our friends

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American Alpha to introduce two new games at IAAPA 2007

Shaggy November 12, 2007 0

[Via] [American Alpha’s Website] [Discuss on the Forum] American Alpha (also known as IGS based out of Taiwan) will be releasing two new games here shortly and they will be available to play

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Mario Kart GP 2 available, new features listed

Shaggy May 6, 2007 0

Once again BHM Vending seems to have the leg up on other distributors (or they just happen to update their website more frequently) when it comes to the hot new arcade games that will

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Outrun 2 Super Deluxe

Outrun 2 Super Deluxe

Twisted Supreme December 4, 2006 1

Could this quite possibly be the the best looking arcade cabinet you’ve seen in your life. This is OutRun 2 Super Deluxe edition. I think Sega actually stole a bunch of Ferrari’s and put

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