Sega Europe launches Primeval Hunt Mini-Site

Shaggy February 26, 2008 1


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For anyone familiar with the Sega Amusements Europe site, you know that the site features a number of ‘mimi-sites’ that cover their current line-up of games with some good detail and at times pictures and videos of said games. In all honesty I wish someone at Sega Europe would get together with Sega Amusements USA and get them to improve their website to a similar fashion similar as the Sega Amusements USA site is lacking a bit when it comes to game information as well as regular updates.

As far as the mini-site, it’s pretty good at describing the game and includes great screenshots of the game as well as 29″ and 62″ cabinets respectively. There are no videos of the game in action although we have posted some in the past. As far as a US release, still no word on when that is coming exactly although I wouldn’t be surprised to see it at ASI next month.
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