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Wheel of Fortune on location

Shaggy November 30, 2007 0

Thanks to tipster IcePagoda for pointing out this video of Stern’s newest pin, Wheel of Fortune on location. It looks like a lot of fun as you may expect to experience from Stern. Video

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TAB Austria's Virtual Pinball

Shaggy November 13, 2007 0

First there was Ultrapin by GlobalVR and now a company called TAB Austria has created their own electronic pinball game called “Virtual Pinball” and at least one distributor in the US has picked it

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Black Spiderman Pinball by Stern

Shaggy October 11, 2007 1

  Stern loves creating limited edition pin tables. Their latest: Black Spiderman, which of course coincides with the black Spiderman character from Spiderman 3. The new cabinet includes brand new artwork that fits right

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Wheel of Fortune Pinball by Stern

Shaggy October 2, 2007 0

  At AMOA 2007, Stern unveiled it’s next pinball table, Wheel of Fortune. WoF Pinball is looking to re-introduce certain aspects that haven’t been seen in pinball games for some time. The cabinet itself fits

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