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Experience a top-of-the-line race simulator at the Weston–Super–Mare Grand Pier, UK

Shaggy July 17, 2010 1

Newsfeed 868 via If you aren’t happy with the driving experience that a run o’ the mill arcade driver gives you then there are companies which address that, with crazy setups like we see

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Army Experience Center in Philadelphia to close

Shaggy June 22, 2010 0

Newsfeed 839 via It was only a year and a half ago when we reported on the US Army’s new Army Experience Center, an interactive setup that sought to bring a new twist to

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Mutant Alert: Interactive theater game for 16-players

Shaggy June 20, 2010 2

Newsfeed  838 via When it comes to grabbing some attention in the out-of-home-entertainment industry, one way to do it is use the “Galaxian 3” model. While such large-format games only work in certain locations,

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New I-WAY racing simulator arcade in France

Shaggy June 14, 2010 6

Newsfeed 830 via If you love racing simulators and you ever happen to be passing through Lyons, France (or if you live nearby) then a new business that recently opened it’s doors there will

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Let's talk some virtual golf

Shaggy April 10, 2010 6

Via When Kevin (Stinger Report) sent me this particular link, I wasn’t really sure how to best approach but as it’s a pretty slow news day, I figured I’d take a crack at it

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IAAPA Pics by Kevin Williams

Shaggy November 27, 2009 3

Now for our second-to-last post about IAAPA 2009 – the last one will be the attempt at a podcast that we did at the show although we were unable to finish it up for

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Pro Golf Simulator

Shaggy December 2, 2007 0

  (Click on the images to enlarge, images via Gizmag) This is a bit old already but since Arcade Heroes wasn’t around when it came out so it’s better late than never. This Pro

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