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This is a bit old already but since Arcade Heroes wasn’t around when it came out so it’s better late than never. This Pro Golf Simulator can be used anywhere including the home and retails (or retailed in case it is no longer available) for between 1,500 and 19,000 Euros (depending on the model and size you want).

According to the website, Pro Golf Simulator is quite accurate in the simulation of the aforementioned title where the player can use real clubs and real balls where the computer calculates the results based upon the movement detected in the chamber as well as where the ball hits. Results can be projected to the main screen or to a separate monitor on the outside of the enclosure. On top of this one can build their own golf course for the ultimate custom experience. In addition to providing a fun simulation, it can also be used to help buyers decide what kind of clubs work best for them and help them improve their game, all before they get out to the courses.

This seems similar to Konami’s MoCap Golf although it’s better since you can use real golf clubs/balls if you wish. Could something like this become more common on the arcade scene? Only time will tell.

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