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Space Invaders lamps

Shaggy June 6, 2008 0

Speaking of Space Invaders, here are some SI-inspired lamps that were sent into us by The Stinger Report. They remind me of the Asteroids lamps we brought up a little while ago but with

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Full Details on Taito's re-branding strategy

Shaggy March 20, 2008 0

A week or two ago Stinger reported that Taito was launching a new re-branding effort for their company, which included issuing new uniforms for their arcades in Japan, a celebration of Space Invaders’ 30th

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Taito launches re-branding effort

Shaggy March 8, 2008 0

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of Space Invaders along with seeking to improve it’s image in the game industry, Taito announced a new branding strategy that includes new logos, a unification of their

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The Cool Hunters Space Invader Hoodies (and Arcade Table)

Shaggy February 12, 2008 0

At a site called “The Cool Hunters”, they have a retro arcade cocktail cabinet for sale that comes loaded with a number of classics on it that seems to fit the typical MAME fare.

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Space Invader snow sculpture

Twisted Supreme February 10, 2008 0

Could this be the beginning of a new epidemic of videogame related sculptures. Remember the wave of pumpkin sculptures? [via Kotuku] Kotaku reader Ryan attended the Sapporo Snow Festival last week in Hokkaido, Japan. He

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Celebrating Space Invader's 30th anniversary

Shaggy February 8, 2008 3

Cometh the Invader! The 30th Anniversary of ‘Space Invaders’ will play a major part in promoting the Taito empire over the coming months – the AOU show in Japan will be awash with celebrations.

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