The Cool Hunters Space Invader Hoodies (and Arcade Table)

Shaggy February 12, 2008 0


At a site called “The Cool Hunters”, they have a retro arcade cocktail cabinet for sale that comes loaded with a number of classics on it that seems to fit the typical MAME fare. I don’t care for the name but I like the retro look that offers a head-2-head experience that you only get on these cocktail cabinets. While I can’t say that there is anything in their arcade table that I haven’t seen before (they do offer to install a coin-mech though which I know can be a no-no if this was directed towards operators) I did catch the mention of the Space Invader’s Hoodies towards the bottom of the page. While the weather in my area doesn’t really permit wearing a light hoodie like this at the moment, it would be cool to have for springtime.

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