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Stern prepping a Lord of the Rings Limited Edition pin?

Shaggy September 18, 2009 3

From the looks of it, I would say that this is quite likely. While we all are waiting to see how Big Buck Hunter pinball will turn out, I have heard that they also

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Stern says: "We're never quitting"

Shaggy July 9, 2009 0

(Photo via the Chicago Tribune) After news came out that Stern Pinball had to layoff a few people, I began hearing rumors about the imminent closure of the company. Some felt that with a

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The 1st Sydney Pinball Festival

Shaggy May 21, 2009 0

Despite the fact that there is only one pinball manufacturer around these days, interest in pinball itself doesn’t seem to be waning, if the number of pinball expos popping up around the world is

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Terminator Salvation pinball to compliment TS Arcade?

Shaggy May 1, 2009 1

In the very latest Stinger Report e-newsletter (which came to my e-mail after I had finished posting yesterday), we have word that Stern will create a pinball based upon Terminator Salvation later this year.

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More ASI goodness: Pictures from The Stinger Report

Shaggy March 19, 2009 1

We are not done with our ASI coverage just yet – in addition to this post I still have more videos to upload but I am currently waiting on receiving those from my friend

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Pics of "24" pinball now online

Shaggy February 25, 2009 5

[Thanks to IcePagoda on the forums for the tip] Stern’s latest pinball game, “24” is soon going to hit the streets and with it, Pinball News has got their hands on a prototype of the game

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Jack Bauer comes to pinball with "24"

Shaggy February 5, 2009 4

The hit show 24 now has a pinball game to compliment the action-packed thriller that features counter-terrorist Jack Bauer in his quest to defend his country from evil doers and we have a cabinet

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Pinball and the Sea-side arcade are alive and well in Bournemouth

Twisted Supreme January 20, 2009 1

For those of you who are into your pinball, you are probably more than aware of a great site called Pinball News. One of thier writers was fortunate enough to be able to go and check out the

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CSI Pinball in action

Shaggy November 27, 2008 0

I got a chance to play and film Stern’s new CSI pinball game today and overall I like the game – I wasn’t sure what to expect since I had never really watched the

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New images from Stern's CSI Pinball

Shaggy November 14, 2008 1

[Thanks to IcePagoda for the tip] Pinball News has the first images of the new CSI pinball machine by Stern and after looking at them I have to say that I am far more

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Stern releases CSI pinball image; also faces downsizing

Shaggy November 2, 2008 9

We’ve known about the next game to come along in Stern’s line-up of pins for sometime now and finally we have a prototype image of the cabinet. While at first I personally wondered how

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Batman Dark Knight Review

Twisted Supreme August 7, 2008 0

This insanely indepth review of Batman Dark Knight is absolutely worth checking out. As well as detailing every feature of the game, there’s also some great pictures, although I think we posted these a while

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