Quick Video: Man Vs. Steel Ball

arcadehero September 11, 2014 0

(Thanks to Keith for the tip)

We’ve had quite a few pinball stories come along this year as modern interest in the game is high once again. Here is a short video interview with Pinball Hall of Fame owner Tom Arnold, produced by CasinoTop10.net. Called Man Vs Steel Ball, they get Tom’s opinion on what makes pinball superior to other forms of gaming, where he gives his four or five rules for playing:

There is an article to accompany this video which you can read here at CasinoTop10. Coincidentally I am working on a review for Star Trek Pinball right now and in that review I tackle the subject that gets into “the point” of pinball. Given that many in the current gaming generation are accustomed to games that are all about telling a crafted, partially interactive story, pinball throws a wrench into that way of thinking. Mr. Arnold of course is a bit more direct in his opinion about video games and “Game Boy” devices 😉 What are your thoughts?

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