Outrun 2 Super Deluxe

Twisted Supreme December 4, 2006 1


Could this quite possibly be the the best looking arcade cabinet you’ve seen in your life. This is OutRun 2 Super Deluxe edition. I think Sega actually stole a bunch of Ferrari’s and put the back ends on the latest edition of their Outrun series. Yes that’s right, another Outrun and they have pulled out all the stops for this Super Deluxe version. As you can see each car is modeled on a different Ferrari, they have motion bases, and each one has two steering wheels. Two wheels you ask? That’s right! When playing two player mode (or co-op if you will),  the control of the car switches to your team mate when you crash or pass a check point. Sounds crazy, but I’ve been told its hilarious, especially when you have all 4 cars in action with a total of 8 players playing it. Can’t wait for this to hit the arcades.

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