Pac-Man Collection for 7800!

Twisted Supreme December 18, 2006 0


This totally unauthorized collection of homebrew developed Pac-Man titles was compiled by Atari afficianado Bob DeCrescenzo and is now available for purchase for Atari 7800 enthusiasts and completists.

According to the product page, each cart contains the following games (with descriptions):

* Pac-Man (The Original!)
* Puck Man (Same game, more difficult maze)
* Hangly Man (Empty Mazes? Vertical Tunnels? Invisible Mazes?)
* Ultra Pac-Man (6 New Mazes for a new variety)
* Random Mazes (You just never know which maze will appear next!)
* Ms. Pac-Man (The second installment of the Pac-Family)
* Ms. Pac-Attack (Same game, more challenging mazes)
* Ms. Random Mazes (Like Random Mazes above, but with the Ms. flavor)

It even comes with a full color manual!

Bag yourself a copy now!

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