Sega @ ATEI – Part 1 – Driving & Flying

Twisted Supreme January 27, 2007 0



Seeing as Sega had an extremely large stand, the biggest at the show if I’m not mistaken, I thought I would break up thier new arcade offerings in to genres, starting with driving & flying. By far the most enjoyable out of these three was Outrun 2 SP Super Deluxe. This quite possibly has to be the daddy of all the arcade racers out there. As you can see from the pictures the machine is made up of 4 replica Ferrari’s; the F50, the Dino, the Spider and the last one I can’t remember but it was silver. All of them are motion based and each car has two steering wheels. Two wheels you ask? Yes that’s right, and this is by far the most interesting & fun feature in the game. Every time you crash or pass through a check point the driving switches to your team mate in the other seat. trust me, it’s hilarious. Next up this is Ford Racing which has been out for a while, but this is the Deluxe version which has larger screens and a Ford GT style applied to the cabinet. Much like the Outrun 2 SP’s. Finally there was Afterburner Climax, which for me is as good as the original arcade version that I was playing when I was a wee nipper. There was three different cabinets for this game as you can see below. I wasn’t overly keen on the biggest version, my nose was almost touching the screen (I do have a big nose though). By the way I do have a lot of video from the ATEIwhich I will be sorting out soon, and don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about the Sega booth babes. I will be covering them in a separate post. Games come first (can’t believe I said that!).



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