Counter Strike for the Arcade

Twisted Supreme February 28, 2007 1



I was completely unaware this exsisted, and I’m assuming it did taken off very well seeing as I’ve never seen one. Anyone know of any sites that have this game, that’s presuming it actually made it out.

[via Barcade]

Counter Strike is one of the most popular and most played video games of all time and now it will be coming to an arcade near you. CS Neo is a team based game in which you have to take out your enemies with conventional weapons including a myriad of rifles, pistols and knives.

This version of CS will feature futuristic characters unlike the modern military characters in the original CS game. There are also new levels for people to play in. No word if this is based on the new Half Life 2 engine or the original Half Life engine.

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  1. editor March 1, 2007 at 1:52 am - Reply

    Hey, we ran the LEDZONE Namco concept back in 2003!

    Time you got a free subscription!

    Thanks for running the SPOnG coverage.

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