Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift coming soon!

Twisted Supreme March 9, 2007 0

Making a debut at the ASI show at the end of the month is The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift. This title is following in the footsteps of the hit driving game The Fast And The Furious. Tokyo Drift is a more technical driving game and is sure to be more challenging for hard core racers.  
There are also 6 new tracks in addition to all of the original tracks from the first game and about 12 new cars to choose from.  
A great added feature is that you can buy parts for your car at any time and as many as you’d like to trick it out faster. As opposed to the original The Fast And Furious, you only had the ability to upgrade your vehicle with one new part at the start of a new race.  
Start looking for this driver at your favorite gaming spot in the next few months.

[via Barcade]

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