Where have all the Arcades gone?

Twisted Supreme March 11, 2007 0

They seem to be popping up all over the net at the moment, which I will take as a good sign as it shows that people still care about the arcade. Read on for an interesting piece by a staff writer on a College website…. 

Will anyone remember going to their neighborhood arcades and spending quarters on games that made you want to play continuously for hours?

Video game arcades were amazing places when it was about beating your friends and challengers in competitive games or reaching that high score that you were sure no one would ever top.

But video games are so advanced today that playing is almost too real, removing gamers from the arcade.

It’s no wonder that it has become difficult to find a nearby arcade. If one is discovered, would you still pour in quarters, for that short thrill? [Read the rest of this article]

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