Funky Arcade Stick for the Home

Twisted Supreme March 21, 2007 0


What with a general lack of interesting arcade news about today, I thought I’d look for some cool arcade related stuff for the home. Now this has to be the funkiest home arcade stick I’ve seen. Not only is it incredibly functional with it’s track ball and more buttons than you’ll every need for a button mashing session of Street Fighter,but it is also preloaded with tons of games and is lit up from inside with retro neon lights! Groovy, if you like that sort of thing.

Product Info

The Game Cabinets Inc. Stinger Plus TV Arcade Game System can play classic arcade games from the 1980’s and ’90’s right on your HDTV. Bring classic video gaming into your home theater room for the ultimate in large screen gaming!!
The Stinger Plus is a complete computer arcade system, miniaturized and built into a two-player joystick controller. Available in Black or a light-up crystal version.
There are controls for two players, side-by-side games, a dedicated 4-way joystick, pinball flipper, tilt buttons on the sides and a full-size 3” arcade trackball. The back of the unit offers a slot load DVD drive so you can load your favorite music or additional software.
Stinger Plus comes with a wireless keyboard and mouse as well as all of the software you need to start playing games right away! This unit is compatible with 480i, 480p, 720p and 1080i formats. The back panel provides the following connections: DVI, VGA, component RGB (YPrPb), USB, and stereo audio output. The Stinger Plus works with any projector, plasma, computer monitor or LCD HDTV.

[Official Website and Game List]

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