What's New In The Arcades – March 07

Twisted Supreme March 23, 2007 0



[Thanks to Spong and The Stinger Report]

We continue our monthly coverage of the international amusement scene for SPOnG with the latest run-down of the new releases.

Last months arcade coverage looked at amusement based cross-over products, but the popularity of consumer gaming is nothing to the success of a good driver, fighter or a BeMani title in the surviving amusement sector.

The amusement scene has received a major injection of interest internationally with Namco Bandai Games announcement of Tekken 6 AC making the move back to amusement; this release is the most influential amusement title of the current phase on gaming.

The preview of video footage at the AOU show from the arcade Tekken 6 also brings news that a coin-op version of the PlayStation 3 is to power the brawler – as with other amusement applications of the PS (System 11), and PS2 (System 246), the arcade version will see an over-clocked version of the consumer hardware customized for arcade application.

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