High Score

Twisted Supreme April 2, 2007 0

There’s only one world to describe this story….. HARDCORE! But in a cool way, not in a sad way.

[via GameSetWatch]

This is the story of man vs machine. The machine in question is the arcade classic Missile Command, and the man is Bill Carlton, an average run-of-the-mill kind of guy.

High Score

Its perhaps safe to say that when most people hear about some expert game player, or at least someone who is obsessed with video games, they immediately make assumptions: among other traits, this person more than likely has zero friends, let alone a girlfriend, is perhaps unemployed, has poor hygiene, and maybe even “talks funny”. But not Bill. He has a decent job, friends, even a girlfriend, who may not understand Bill’s obsession but is nonetheless supportive.

He’s not some ball of angst like many diehard gamers but instead a rather charming, laid-back, and even genuinely funny guy. So as we follow along his quest to attain the record for highest score ever, instead of wincing whenever Bill hits a stumbling block, we, the viewers are actually sympathetic and even hopeful for his success. Though its Bill’s apparent normalcy that makes his obsession all the more intriguing and perplexing, since one must ask: what’s a normal guy like that doing stuff like this

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