Silent Hill – The Arcade Game – Japan Location Test

Twisted Supreme April 2, 2007 0

Please bare in mind than this is translated from Japanese to English through Babelfish, so excuse the inaccurancing in the wording etc.

– ‘ The silent hill arcade ‘ it went to the location test

In it is the location test which “AM サントロペ Ikebukuro” starts from yesterday, but it tried going right away. Trying playing, it tries collecting the point.

  • 1 play 200 Yen, continuing is 100 Yen. 2 human simultaneous plays are possible.
  • As for the latest version, you cannot use e-Amusement PASS.
  • You start life with “100”. When attack is received, approximately the damage of 10 – extent is received. When life becomes 0, it is the game over.
  • Directing the gun outside the picture, you shoot リロード.
  • You cannot verify the item.
  • With AOU version it ended mandatorily with the boss who is in the hospital, but when super attack of the boss is overcome, it is possible to advance to the following development.
  • 1 stage to “area 1” – “area 3” with the pattern which has divided into 3, area 1 was to the boss of the hospital where you can play with AOU version.

Until it enters into the hospital, attack of the enemy is still looser one, but when it enters into the hospital, you felt rather seriously. Absent-minded when it has done, oh with while saying, receiving the damage, you decreased life largely. When attacking the enemy, it is the point, but being to be written on the frame, it does, this but “aiming for the head, you shoot”. It seems that can give the big damage.

Saturday 13:30 arriving at around, some time playing, you looked at circumstances, but the person who is seen with interest sporadically was. Saying, that when you say whether whether the many people have played, so being not to be, it does, but….

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