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doydoy April 18, 2007 0


Donkey Kong


DonkeyKong is one of the most recognisiable characters in the acarde world. He first appeared in 1981, where he was responsible for kidnapping Mario’s (then known as Jumpman) girlfriend Pauline.

Donkey Kong took Pauline to the top of a series of ladders and girders that Mario had to ascend while avoiding barrels and fireballs.

Rumour has it that the game was meant to be called ‘Monkey Kong’ , but due to illegible hand writting the artwork was printed wrongly. Rather than replacing this, it was easier to change the title screen.

The idea was simple which is what made it so fun. I can remember playing it for hours and for the low price of 10p why not. That was of course until a bigger boy came along and booted me to get off, usually my brother.

Donkey Kong has made his way to Nintendo’s various home and handheld consoles, where he has received many much needed face lifts. But I still find myself playing the Nes Classic edition released for the GameBoy Advance when I get the time.

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