Three New Listings At Highway Games

Twisted Supreme April 23, 2007 0


Over at Highway Games they have 3 new games; Ghost Squad Evolution, Big Buck Hunter Pro and Global Arcade Classics, on thier product listings. Head over there now for the full low down.

  • A expansion of the original Ghost Squad game, classed as Ghost Squad 2 in some circles. It is a shooting game where, players take the roles of elite special forces agents called Ghost Squad. Each player is equipped with a replica of a army rifle.
  • Big Buck Hunter Pro is big game hunting simulator. This version features an all-new two-player element known in the game as “Shootout”. Shootout lets two players compete in head to head, real time competition.
  • This cabinet is has been announced as the first legal, fully licensed and expandable Multi-Game Video Arcade Machine. The machine features 2 player joysticks, 6 buttons per side and a trackball.

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