Dragon's Lair Could Be Headed To The Big Screen

Twisted Supreme May 1, 2007 0


You may recall Dragon’s Lairgetting a re-release on Blu-Raynot too long ago. Well now it seems that creator, Don Bluth, is hoping to realize his work on the big screen. IGN Movies says that there is an interview in the re-release with Bluth and producers that “mention that not only do they have a completed script, but also that they’ve taken a few meetings in recent months.” Gary Goldman, also one of the creators, goes on to say that Bluth “has boarded some of it already. It’s a funny, funny script. … The movie is actually a prequel. You’ll follow Dirk from birth until he becomes a knight.”

The series seems to be making a come back of late, next we’ll be seeing a new version for the Wii. Hey, that might work!

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