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Twisted Supreme May 14, 2007 1

I had no idea this existed, but I spotted this awesome board game over at Retro Thing, may have to have a little hunt on ebay for one of these. Read on…. 

“When I wrote about video arcade game boards a few days ago, I was reminded of another kind of “arcade board”… “board game”, really. When video arcade games took off in the early 80’s, traditional game manufacturers tried to cash in with non-electronic companions to some of the most popular games. Zaxxon was one of the first video games with a 3D type perspective (actual 3D games were still some years away), a leap in video game realism. This game’s many pieces do sort of capture the spirit of the pseudo-3D original on a physical 2D playfield. Like many tie-in type board games, there are no huge thrills here. But if you’re a huge video game fan, and your grandma doesn’t have a Colecovision, then maybe a game like this can help you get through Thanksgiving weekend.”

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