Mini Skee Ball

Twisted Supreme May 17, 2007 0

Spotted this little gem over at RetroThing. I have to agree with them, I too love anything that has been miniaturised. I just looks so cute and cool, and for those of us with out room for our very own Skee Ball in the home (which is most of us really), this is ideal!

[via RetroThing]

 Skeeball_01“I’ve always liked mini versions of arcade gear, so here’s a mini Skee Ball setup from Cadaco.  Cadaco is still around, manufacturing magic sets (designed by magician Marshall Brodien, no less…) and games.  There isn’t a year imprinted on this toy, but I’m guessing it could anywhere from the 60’s – 80’s.  I recall lots of cheap-ish toys being revved up via day-glo colors from time to time.

It works pretty well.  You don’t roll the ball yourself, instead you test your aim using a spring-loaded cannon to shoot the ball at the target.  I must be a Skee Ball whiz these days – at least when playing such a tiny version.  Now that I’m an adult this game seems a bit easier than I recall.  Ah, growing older and increased skill at baby sized carnival games sure can be bittersweet.” Read on……

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