Namco Museum Remix for Wii

Twisted Supreme May 18, 2007 0


Now some people may see this as an absolute travesty and some may look forward to the new look of these classic remixes. Either way it’s got to be worth checking out, especially seeing as they are on the Wii. So hopefully we will see some interesting uses of the Wii’s unique controls. Here’s a rundown via IGN of the games included in this Namco Remix.

  • Pac’n Roll Remix: Pac-Man will roll his way to victory instead of chomping his way through. Players navigate Pac-Man by rolling him through worlds where he will face deadly obstacles, roll-up classic pac pellets and use awesome power-ups.
  • Galaga Remix: With Galaga invaders arriving from the far reaches of space, players must try to shoot down the invading forces and save Pac-Man from ultimate destruction. With up to four-players able to challenge the oncoming invaders, and scores being tallied for each player, wiping out an alien species has never been so much fun.
  • Pac-Motos Remix: The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to knocking your opponents off a series of unique and colorful stages all while using the Wii controller to move, dash and power-up your Pac-Man. Players engage in a small arena where the goal is to knock opponents off while grabbing power-ups and navigating through challenging environments.
  • Rally-X Remix: With up to four players capable of taking the screen at once, this classic Namco title is brought new life with slick graphics, power-ups and a new intuitive control scheme using the Wii remote to steer.
  • Gator Panic® Remix: Gators pose a serious problem and Pac-Man is here to solve it. Players use Pac-Man to whack at emerging gators that appear on screen. The player with the most gator whacks at the end of a match wins.
  • Many of the offerings will support a multiplayer mode.

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