Another Cool Home Arcade Cocktail Cabinet

Twisted Supreme May 18, 2007 0

For those of you out there with the urge for that retro arcade experience in your home here’s another ideal option for those of you with the money to buy one. Let’s be honest, we would all love to have half a dozen arcade machines dotted around the house, but the other half just ain’t going to put up with it. The solutions… a cocktail cabinet, it make a perfect coffee table. Just so long as no one puts anything on it of course!

The Lizard Lounge Retro Table is a totally authentic reproduction of the original tabletop arcade games that were present in every self-respecting pub and club in the 1980s. Officially known as ‘cocktail’ cabinets, the games achieved cult status with classic titles like ‘Space Invaders’, ‘Donkey Kong’ and ‘Track & Field’, played face to face across the table rather than upright in the usual arcade style.

Few of the original tables have survived to the present day – most were destroyed or scavenged for spares as newer games were developed – but there is still a massive following for the consoles and the original games.”

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