Shoot The Moon from Namco

Twisted Supreme May 20, 2007 0


[via Coin-Op Today]

Within  our market there is never a shortage of themed redemption titles, but how many of them are actually fun? With ticket-spitting on the rise, Namco went back to the core of what’s made their games the timeless successes they are – fun. Shoot the Moon is a skill-based coin-flipper with loads of personality expressed both visually and through the game’s charming vocals!

As soon as the player coins up they are greeted with lights, sounds, and vocals. Once they flip their coin audio immediately reports how well they have done and does it with as much personality as possible.

A space theme afforded Namco the ability to use elements like “Zap the Alien”, “Space Junk” and other memorable themes. Characters are in-line with popular cartoons and attractive to kids of all ages.

Shoot the Moon’s attractive audio and visuals combined with its small foot print and cost make it a simple choice for locations of any size.

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