The second golden age of the arcade

Twisted Supreme May 20, 2007 0


UK newspaper website wrote about the second golden age of the arcade, i.e. the re-releases of many classic arcade games on XBLA, PS3 and the Wii’s VC. Read on……

Each of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo’s new consoles let you plunder gaming history for classics from the past. With Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade, for example, the user pays for “points”, which can then be used to download a vast, and expanding, array of arcade treats, from coin-operated classics such as Smash TV to console favourites such as Street Fighter 2, and even PC legends such as the original Doom. By keeping the prices down, making all the titles easily accessible and providing nostalgia for older players, the games are proving to be tremendously successful, their basic pick-up-and-play style providing a sense of quick-fix relief from the current slew of rather po-faced technical marvels going on sale for around £50.

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