Crazy Climber official website

Shaggy May 23, 2007 0

Among the more surprising things to come out of AOU 2007 was the announcement of a new Crazy Climber game. Classic gamers may have memories of the original 1980 Crazy Climber as well as it’s lesser known sequel. Digital Logic Corporation is the company that is working on the new Crazy Climber and they have an official website up about the game. There really isn’t much to talk about  – no screenshots, a couple of  character profiles and a CG image of the game cabinet and little else. According to, the game is set for a release in Japan this July and it already went through location testing.

As usual there is no indication if this game will ever see a release outside of Japan. It would be great if it did see an international release as it would a fresh addition to any arcade that is already full of the typical mix of light-gun shooters, racers and fighters.

[Official Crazy Climber website, translated]

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