The Classic Computing and Gaming Show

Twisted Supreme May 24, 2007 0

I do love a gaming expo, there’s nothing quite like it. Shame that this one is a little too far for me to go to. Any of you readers out there that get the chance to go why don’t you drop us a line or head over to the forum and let us know how it went.

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Just a reminder: the Classic Computing and Gaming (CCAG) show is this upcoming Saturday, May 26th, from 2-6pm!

If you’re into vintage home computers (TI, Atari, TRS-80, etc.) or classic game consoles this is the show for you! This year’s show has a new location:

American Legion Hall–Clifton Post
22001 Brookpark Rd
Fairview Park, OH
2:00PM – 6:00PM

I’ll be there, with a GameRoom booth full of video game books and GameRoom back issues, plus whatever other goodies I think to bring. If you’re in the area, please make a point of attending, especially since it’s free!

CCAG Show Information

Article on the CCAG show in West Life Newspaper

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