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Shaggy May 25, 2007 0

Personally I don’t watch much TV but I have seen a little bit of Deal or No Deal before (ironically I saw it first in Brazil on a trip down there and they made a version of it just like what they have in the States). It seems like the typical “nerve-wrecking” reality show and it can be entertaining from what I’ve seen. Either way if you have a love for the TV show and you’ve wanted to take a gamble at it yourself, the coin-op version of the game will soon be coming to an arcade near you, thanks to ICE Games.

Now this is not a straight video arcade title, it’s actually a redemption (ticket) game. But it’s quite an impressive one compared to other offerings in the arcade redemption market. The closer you get to the million, the more tickets you make and they even offer a double winnings mode to double the number of tickets you earn. Apparently the game was a big hit at ASI 2007 and there were lines to play the game. The control panel consists of a trackball as well as numbered buttons to represent the cases you will open and a big red Deal or No Deal button just like in the game show.

This is not a cheap redemption game however, coming in at $10,799 w/ the platform. Hopefully it will not take long for arcades to pay off the game since it is a licensed game based on a popular show. Download the official flyer here (PDF file).

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