HardCore Gamer Issue #24 out – 2Spicy previewed

Shaggy May 25, 2007 0

Issue #24 of HardCore Gamer is out now, featuring a preview for 2Spicy. The magazine can be purchased at a local retailer or if you don’t care for a hard copy you can download a PDF at Hardcoregamer.com. They will ask you to fill out a survey before you download and when I first tried the download it came up with a server error but after reloading the page it worked fine. The big thing this issue is an exclusive look at Mass Effect, which certainly has my interest as far as the 360 goes. They also mention Tempest 2000’s recent re-release via emulator, which is one of my favorite games of all time (it was the crowning game for the Atari Jaguar, along with Alien Vs. Predator of course)

I have actually submitted more work than just this but there is only space for one game per issue at the moment. At the very least arcades are getting some attention and in the near future there should be a review of Let’s Go Jungle and a great preview of The Act and Silent Hill. Hopefully more space can be dedicated to arcade stuff in the near future and you also may see a plug for Arcade Heroes in upcoming issues. There is a typo in the article though that I just caught, about the release date. It’s definently not available in the States yet, I’m not sure about Europe though.
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