Ground Control Arcade Bar

Twisted Supreme May 30, 2007 0


Here’s another great arcade bar called Ground Control, will some please open one near me, thanks to Destructoid for this find…..

For years, the traditional arcade has been dropping steadily off the map. Where once you couldn’t swing a dead joystick without hitting kids ripping off their parents wallets for a bag of pot and an afternoon spent playing Robotron 2084(with accompaniment courtesy of Geddy Lee and the boys), you now have an entire generation growing up without having ever even been to an arcade!

To combat the menace of shrinking returns and to capitalize on the new-found substance fondness of a generation raised on ironic Voltron shirts and the music of the Spin Doctors, many arcades have metamorphosed into a sort of hybrid club/bar/arcade. Recently, I sat down with Anthony Ramos, co-owner of Portland’s Ground Kontrol, for an interview as to why the arcade scene has fallen apart, and why booze (the cause of, and solution to all of life’s problems) is such a handy cure.

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