Spotlight: Unique Arcade games made in Taiwan by IGS

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IGS (International Games Systems) has been developing unique arcade video games since 1991 primarily for the Chinese game market which is understandably huge. They are in the news right now as they plan on developing online RPGs in addition to their line-up of arcade titles. They are probably best known at the moment for the game Percussion Master One of their primary pieces of hardware is a board that accepts cartirdges and shares a number of similarities with the NEoGeo MVS called the PGM. Here are a few of their popular games:

Oriental Legend 2: This is one of IGS’ more recent releases. A sequel to the 1999 beat ’em up, this game was shown off this year by IGS but not much is known about it other than it has an updated character roster over the first game and it uses new hardware called the PGM2 but here is a link to a video of OL2 in action:


Demon Front: This looks like a Metal Slug clone, with the exception that you get assistance from some sort of ‘pet’ creature with unique abilities. Screenshots courtesy of


Spectral VS Generation: A 2D fighter that seems to draw inspiration from some more popular Capcom fighting games as far as the art style goes. A badly translated description of the game says that it includes some RPG elements in the game to make it more interesting.  


The Gladiator: A 4-player scrolling fighter (or beat ’em up as some call it) where you and your companions go on a quest for a sword and decide to beat the crap out of anyone that gets in your way, samurai style.


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