The Last Starfighter Arcade Final Version available (for PCs)

Shaggy May 31, 2007 0

It’s no secret that Atari had planned on creating an arcade game based on the 1984 movie The Last Starfighter. They were the ones who created the graphics for the arcade game people gawked over back in the day, wishing they could play it themselves. It was too bad that Atari never completed the game for arcades, but the people over at Rogue Synapse didn’t want things to stay that way forever and thanks to modern computers they developed a version that attempted to recreate the video game that was seen in the movie.

Today Rogue Synapse has released the final version of the same game that you saw in the movie. While the game theystarfighter.jpg made is for a PC that anyone can download and play, these guys tracked down the StarFighter arcade cabinet that was used in the documentary about the film (the original was sadly destroyed), installed a PC in it and loaded the game up to play, for an authentic Starfighter arcade game just like you saw in the movie. Complete that with the recent announcement that The Last Starfighter will be coming to HD-DVD this September and fans of the film (the handful that are out there) can now feel totally geeked out. BTW, these guys also made a Space Paranoids game (TRON anyone?) as well as a Bishop of Battle and Death Race game which have shown up in film as arcade games.


[The Last Starfighter game info and download on Rogue Synapse]

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