Controversy over "The King of Kong"

Shaggy June 1, 2007 0

A few days back I posted about a new documentary called the King of Kong that documented one man’s quest to conquer the world record for Donkey Kong but it also featured several other players such as Billy Mitchell. As it turns out, a few people including Billy Mitchell and a number of people at the site Twin Galaxies weren’t too happy about it and as such MTV News has done a little investigating about the different points of view that this film brings to light. They cover both sides of the issue and it shows that things are a little more complex than they seemed at first. Either way I think the main point here is that neither player had it out for each other from the looks of things and the folks at Twin Galaxies aren’t too appreciative of the fact that they and Mitchell are made out to be ‘villians’ in the film. As always with any documentary, it’s good to look at both sides of what is portrayed in the film. [Via Twin Galaxies forums]

[MTV Movie News ‘Donkey Kong’ Record Holder Says New Flick Settles His Score]

[MTV Movie News – Billy Mitchell’s and Twin Galaxies’ response to the film]  

[Discuss on the Forum]

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  1. Todd Fletcher June 1, 2007 at 5:05 am - Reply

    It would be great to be able to see this film already…

    This whole controversy fascinates me. Nobody can really prove beyond a shred of a doubt which player is legitimate, so people will just go with their gut no matter what anyone says. It’s like watching a religious debate.

    My gut’s with Wiebe, maybe just because I like the idea of some goober coming along and ruining things for everyone!

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