Win A Big Buck Hunter Pro

Twisted Supreme June 1, 2007 0

I want to see more stuff like this, not only for the fact that this is a competition to win your very own arcade game, but also because this is more good publicity for arcades. If I’m not mistaken MTV is a fairly well know TV channel, so this is a great bit of marketing. So let’s see more competitions like this, I wouldn’t mind owning a DDR or a WCCF!

[via Barcade]

“Want to win your very own Big Buck Hunter Pro game or possibly a talking deer head? No matter how weird a talking deer head sounds-who cares as long as it’s free, right?  
I’ve been around one of those singing Billy Bass fish and it has entertained me plenty, I bet a talking deer head has to be at least 10 times as entertaining as a singing fish.  
All you have to do is sign up to register to compete in a video-taped tournament that will end up on the MTV Games website. Go to this MTV site for all of the details and rules.”

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