Dragon's Lair coming to HD-DVD on August 15th

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The beloved classic Dragon’s Lair is sure making the rounds these days. Earlier thisdhdvd_dl.gif year it came to Blu-Ray and last week it was announced that it will be coming to the Nintendo DS. Now Digital Leisure has announced that Dragon’s Lair will be headed to HD-DVD on August 15th. Both the HD-DVD and Blu-Ray versions were announced around the same time but they released the Blu-Ray edition first(presumably to push it on the PS3).

So what bonus will you be getting out of either High-Def format? To quote the Digital Leisure site:

“This all new HD DVD version comes packed with all new special features including a full visual commentary and all new interviews with Don Bluth, Gary Goldman and Rick Dyer, plus other fun Dragon’s Lair fact and even info on the Dragon’s Lair Movie!”

“This version also has been digitally restored frame by frame and even comes with the 5.1 Surround Sound mix. But the best part is that all the content is completely HD! Unlike other recent HD DVD releases, this disc has full 1080p TRUE HD CONTENT!”

OK that last part is incorrect – all major studio HD-DVD releases have included 1080p content from the beginning(just look on the back of any HD-DVD and it says so), you just need a 1080p player and TV to enjoy it. So I’m not sure what they are hinting at there, maybe it’s just marketing hype.

Dragon’s Lair on HD-DVD will retail for $29.95.

It’s hard to say how many formats/console Dragon’s Lair has been on over the years. At least it’s not difficult to come across if you need a DL fix. In case anyone is interested, Digital Leisure has also mentioned that they are working on bringing Dragon’s Lair II and Space Ace to both HD formats sometime in the future.

UPDATE: According to a poster on the AVSForum, this will control just fine with any HD-DVD player remote. He also hinted at other unannounced games that are in the works for the format. It looks like we may see many LaserDisc based arcade classics in beautiful HD before too long.

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