King of Fighters Videos Part 4

Shaggy July 6, 2007 0

Or at least I think it’s part four, I am losing track of how many KOFMIA videos I have been posting lately. Fortunately SNK has been generous in putting videos out for our viewing pleasure. I am not sure why they delete the old videos so don’t worry if you have missed out on any as you can check our archives for those.

This week we have two videos as usual with battles occurring between Mizoguchi and Ryo and then Billy Ray and what looks to be Mizoguchi again(the name is too blurry to read) but this time without many clothes. I guess they decided to give a little something to the ladies after many of the characters shown in the videos have been scantily clad, big-breasted females.

[Videos courtesy of the KOFMIA official website] [Discuss on the Forum]

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