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Shaggy July 19, 2007 0


[Via SPoNg.com]

Our friend Kevin Williams latest SPoNG.com article looks over the latest wave of one-on-one fighting games that are suddenly flooding the scene this year after a decrease of such games in the arcades in recent memory. He discusses Tekken 6, Virtua Fighter 5 Ver.C, King Of Fighters Maximum Impact Regulation A and the recently revealed 2D fighter from Capcom. It’s a brief but interesting look at one of the pillars of the arcade industry and he even reveals that Sega may in fact be working on Virtua Fighter 6 to counter Tekken 6. Let’s just hope that Sega has some sense this time around and gives the game more exclusive time in the arcades. Of course, I wouldn’t mind seeing a completely new franchise either but say what you will about sequels, these should be big hitters for arcades.

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