America's Army in September, NASCAR in August, pricing on both

Shaggy July 25, 2007 0


I’m back from my brief hiatus, I went camping over the weekend so that is why I was out for a few days. I had a good conversation with my local distributor today after going in to check out some of the games they had as I prepare to open up my new arcade. We were discussing the new games that are coming later this year and they already knew about America’s Army but they revealed to me something I didn’t know: America’s Army is headed to distributors on September 4th this year. I expected it to come along a little later considering we just found out about it days ago but we will see it in arcades in little more than a month and on top of that it comes with an attractive price tag (for arcade operators), only $4000. Considering that many new arcades games are a few thousand more dollars than that, it was a pleasant surprise and is an obvious indicator of the GlobalVR price cuts that we mentioned a little while ago.

They also mentioned that GlobalVR’s NASCAR title should be with them in August, along with another low price tag of $6000. Considering that Namco’s Mario Kart GP is still selling for $9000 a unit (despite being powered by a GameCube that only has extra RAM and a webcam) this looks like it’s going to be a good deal for operators – especially considering the good reviews that NASCAR Arcade has been pulling in so far.

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