Initial D 4 & Virtua Fighter 5 @ The Trocadero

Twisted Supreme July 27, 2007 0


I was pleasantly surprised on my visit to the Trocadero this week, when I came across two new Sega games. So for your viewing pleasure, I took some pictures for you all to have a gander at. With regards to the games themselves, they both seem to be solid sequels to these long running series. I’m loving the new cabinet style of ID4, it has some of the looks of the Lindbergh upright and the steering wheel has a really good feel to it with 540 degrees of rotation. Also took some video of them, so look out for those in the near future.

Also I found two Stern pinball tables; Pirates of the Caribbean and The Simpsons Pinball Party, suffice to say I sunk a few quid in to those.

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