More Trocadero Footage

Twisted Supreme July 29, 2007 0

Big thanks to Sara for this tip, after our request for some more old skool footage of the Trocadero.

Sara writes…. 

“One of my friends made a video of Funland in the Trocadero in 1990, this was
right before they got the 2 R360 machines and the Galaxy Force super deluxe was
brand new.  There is lots of footage of the galaxy force.”

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  1. SaraAB87 July 29, 2007 at 11:09 pm - Reply

    The video that I have has some more footage of the galaxy force at the end of the video, but I guess maybe the youtube uploader cut it out because it was video of my friend when he was younger. There is a working galaxy force super deluxe near me and I am going to buy a video camera soon and take a video of it. Oh on another note the galaxy force turns 20 in 2008, I think we should have a party to celebrate.

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