to sell "Donkey Kong 2: Jumpman Returns" on Aug. 20th

Shaggy July 31, 2007 0

 d2ktitle.png unveiled that they will be selling a hack of Donkey Kong called Donkey Kong 2: Jumpman Returns starting on August 20th. The hack has been in the works for the past two years and aims to bring a sequel of sorts to Donkey Kong by letting you go higher up the ladder with four entirely new level designs: The Foundry, The Mixer, The Refinery and The Incinerator.  HyperSpace Arcade has a very interesting article up about the hack where the creator explains the process of designing the new levels along with pictures. If you are a DK fan and would like something new, then this is certainly up your alley.

[Donkey Kong 2: Jumpman Returns Article @ HyperSpace Arcade] [] [Discuss on the Forum]

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