Big update at Coinopexpress; Basara X, Silent Hill, Otomedius listed

Shaggy August 13, 2007 0


Coinopexpress has updated their “Coming Soon” section with a number of games, a few of which we hope to see outside of Japan. I might have overlooked Guitar Freaks V4 previously but it is listed as a full machine along with Drum Mania V4 and both will be released on Aug. 31st. The anime side-scrolling shmup (which is graced by a huge busty anime female for the marquee) Otomedius and Silent Hill The Arcade are listed for Oct. 31st; the overhead vertical shmup (which is by a company called Triangle and it looks a little like Raiden 3 or 4) Exzeal is listed for Nov. 1st; and finally another bemani game from Konami called Pop N Beat 15 Adventure is listed for Nov. 15th along with the highly anticipated Sengoku Basara X (Capcom’s new 2D fighter based on Devil Kings). All of the new games minus Basara X are listed as full machines and with the exception of a few games like Silent Hill we don’t know exactly what will and will not see an international release.

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