Cardboard MiniArcades for your PSP

Shaggy August 15, 2007 0


[Thanks to Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report]

If you own a PSP and have wanted to turn it into an arcade cabinet, then here is your chance, I suppose. “SUCK UK” has created two cardboard cutouts that wrap around your PSP to make it look sort of like a mini arcade machine. One cabinet is Dirt Track Rally and the other is Cosmic Intruders. These reminds me very much of some paper arcade cutouts that I once found and printed out (they all sit at my desk at work and always earn praise from people who haven’t seen such things before) I just am not sure how they might work out wrapped around a PSP like this. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a portable arcade right? 🙂

[SUCK UK’s PSP Arcade Cardboard Mini Arcades] [Discuss on the Forum]

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