2nd edition of Arcade & Pinball World Records book now available

Shaggy August 17, 2007 0


Twin Galaxies has announced the 2nd edition of their book entitled ‘Twin Galaxies’ Official Video Game & Pinball Book of World Records’. It covers Arcades and Pinball machines only (which of course are totally dead according to certain experts), featuring not only high scores for many, many games but also bios for 265 of the top arcade gamers in the world. Overall it’s a 758-page book and it was written with the hopes of increasing interest in arcade competition play (which combined with documentaries such as The King of Kong or Chasing Ghosts makes it an excellent tool for such work). Here’s a listing of features that this book carries:

  • The individual rules for playing hundreds of arcade coin-op and pinball games 
  • The highest scores on thousands of different arcade coin-op games
  • A series of biographical features that introduce the reader to 265 of the top arcade gamers in the world
  • A series of historical features that take the reader on a tour of the history of electronic gaming

[Twin Galaxies Press Release] [Discuss on the Forum]

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