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The documentary about two arcade champions is being released in theaters today, although it appears that it will be hitting theaters in a slow wave instead of a braod release. According to the listing from the website, it will be showing up at one theater in my home town on the 31st of this month). As a reminder, this is a documentary that covers rivalries between a few select players, mostly Billy Mitchell and Steve Wiebe as they compete on Donkey Kong (Billy Mitchell did break Wiebe’s score after the documentary was finished). It also sounds like Mr. Mitchell is not too happy with how he is portrayed in the film, although the official website says he hasn’t seen it yet. Either way, hopefully you’ll be able to see it yourselves here soon. Hit the post break for a full listing of theaters and cities where you’ll be able to catch The King of Kong.

[Official King of Kong Website] [Discuss on the Forum]


  • New York (IFC Centre & AMC Empire)
  • Los Angeles (Landmark Nuart)
  • Seattle (Landmark Varsity)
  • Austin, TX (Alamo Drafthouse)


  • San Francisco (Landmark Lumiere)
  • Berkeley (Landmark Shattuck)
  • Chicago (Landmark Century Centre)
  • Minneapolis (Landmark Lagoon)
  • Washington, DC (Landmark E Street)
  • Boston (Landmark Kendall Square)
  • Portland, OR (Cinema 21)

August 31

  • Ft. Lauderdale (Las Olas 15)
  • Dallas (Inwood 3)
  • Kansas City (Studio 30)
  • Pleaseantville, NY (Jacob Burns)
  • Salt Lake City (Broadway 6)
  • San Diego (Landmark Ken)

September 7

  • Atlanta (Landmark Midtown)
  • San Antonio (Crossroads 6)

September 14

  • Nashville (Belcourt)

September 21

  • St. Louis (Landmark Tivoli)

September 28

  • Iowa City (Bijou)

To Be Announced

  • Portland, ME (Movies on Exchange)
  • Hartford, CT (Cinestudio)
  • Ann Arbor (State)
  • Columbus (Drexel)
  • Madison (Sundance)

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  1. Yello August 21, 2007 at 11:09 pm - Reply

    They were talking about this on Howard Stern Today I think itll be a big hit with his endorsement.
    The trailer is awesome as well.
    Has anyone seen it or anyone have the soundtrack?

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