Arm Spirit recalled in Japan by Atlus

Shaggy August 21, 2007 0

Here is one way arcades seem to get into the mainstream news these days, is by hurting people. The Japanese arm wrestling arcade game known as Arm Spirit isarm-spirit.jpg being recalled in Japan by its maker Atlus due to reports that three players had broken their arms while playing the game. Atlus says that is just as a precaution as it is quite possible that the players were misusing the game, holding their arms in strange positions as it was designed without the intention of harm. In fact the Atlus rep stated that “even women should be able to beat it” (oh no he didn’t!). This is just another situation in a year where amusement devices such as roller coasters have injured or killed a number of people. Arm Spirit is not available outside of Japan.

[Arm Spirit Recall – ABC News] [Discuss on the Forum]

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